A Short List of the Most Essential Boating Accessories

A Short List of the Most Essential Boating Accessories

When you’re a boat owner, it can be fun to shop for different boating accessories for your ride down the river. But when it comes down to essentials, there are a few boating accessories that you absolutely can’t go without. Whether you own a fishing boat or pontoon boats are more your fare, here are some essential accessories to keep on deck.

Handheld Horn

You can’t always control when your boat malfunctions. What if your horn stops working and you don’t have any way of communicating with other boaters on the water? In this case, a handheld backup horn is going to be absolutely essential. This is an excellent accessory to keep on your boat on the off chance that your horn does stop working. Just make sure that the horn you purchase meets all USCG requirements. This way you won’t face any kind of fines if your built-in boat horn suddenly stops working while you’re out on the water. And of course, make sure you get your boat looked at by your boat dealer as soon as possible after a malfunction occurs.

Extra Life Vests

This one might seem obvious, but if you’re looking at a used boat for sale and you’re not sure how many life vests are still functional on board, it’s important to make the investment. In fact, this is an essential investment when it comes to boating accessories for any vessel. When looking at extra life vests, you should consider the boat’s maximum capacity and buy that many life vests. While you might not ever have that many people on your boat, it’s important to be prepared regardless.


If you have a boat powered by an engine, you might think that paddles are an unnecessary accessory to have on board. But the truth is that you might experience engine failure while you’re out on the water. And with no way to propel yourself forward, you could be looking at a few hours or more of drifting along before someone comes to help. Investing in paddles for your boat ensure that you have a way to navigate back to shore in the unfortunate event of engine failure.

While these are just a few of the many boating accessories you’ll want to invest in, they’re some of the most essential. Make sure you’re safe while you’re out on the water!

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