Chief Gary K. Tyler Memorial Bark Park Rules

Chief Gary K. Tyler Memorial Bark Park Rules

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Chief Gary K. Tyler Memorial Bark Park Rules

In the guideline, we ensure you that our dogs are clean and safe and they are given due care for ensuring the safety of all kinds of dogs. It must be in your mind that this park was built for dogs and supposed to be only meant for dogs.

Please visit the park at your own risk and enjoy the features of this park.

The Bark Park is generally open from dawn to dusk and can be visited any time during this time frame.

This park is cleaned by volunteers however it is our humble request you that make the environment of this park neat and clean and try your best to ensure our success.

Take a look on the following prerequisites:
1. Dogs should be accompanied with up to date license along with rabies vaccination.
2. While entering the park, dogs must be leashed.
3. The dogs should not go out of the owners range and should be properly leashed.
4. Smoking and other banal habits are not allowed in the park.
5. Rawhides should be brought to the park as it may result in fighting between the dogs.
6. The dogs should not show aggression to other dogs and all visitors entering the park.
7. Owners should pick up their own dogs not of others.
8. In heat, female dogs are not allowed.
9. Puppies under 5 months of age should not be brought to park as it could be dangerous for them.
10. In the dog run areas, toddlers or brats are not allowed.
11. Do not forget to unpin prong and spike collars from the dogs.

You should visit when there is no crowd in the park. This is suggested to visitors who visit for the very first time. When you come to the park for the first time, ask questions from the people and volunteers regarding their past experience and try to adopt what they recommend.

Though we welcome all children to visit the park yet this is not a child’s park rather dog’s park. So, better to supervise your children responsibly and try to teach them not to play in dog’s play area.

Most of the people fear from other dogs and it is not good to unleash your dog under the view that it is in your voice control. Hence, get your dog leashed all the time.

Do not leave your dog in the park to play with other dogs. Though, it is good but should be done under your own supervision.  When your dog plays with others try to focus what your dogs do and avoid any inconvenience to others.

Try to be a responsible dog owner.  It would be better if you maintain the natural decorum of Bark Park and do not act restlessly.

andgt;Dogs should be prevented from digging holes in the park otherwise owners will fill the holes.

Please do not come bare feet. There are many things in the park which could be dangerous for your feet. Hence avoid coming bare feet.

Do not bring food items either for yourself or for dogs in the park.

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