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Family Hiking Trips Promote a Healthy Lifestyle?

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A family hiking trip may be the best gift you can give your family this year. Packing up the entire family and all of the camping and hiking gear for a long weekend away from the city can be just the relaxation that you all need. Instead of giving your spouse and children more electronic gadgets, why not surprise them with some new hiking gear and an invitation to spend time in the wilderness together.
Approximately 38.05 million people went hiking in the year 2014. Whether adventure clothing and camping supplies are strapped to their backs for a long backpack hike or whether they set up a campsite and take day hikes from there, these adventure seeking families have found a way to disconnect and enjoy each other’s company.
While you can enjoy a weekend with the most basic hiking gear and camping supplies, many people who hike and camp regularly find plenty of ways to make their time away from home very comfortable. Consumer spending on camping equipment, for instance, comes to around 1.8 billion each year. While the camping needs of a group of men heading for a weekend “man camp” may be simple, hiking and camping adventures that include younger children may require a more extensive camping checklist.
Nearly 84% of campers participate in multiple outdoor activities, hiking included. In fact, camping is one family activity that can encourage and promote a healthy and active lifestyle. An early morning hike, for instance, can encourage even the youngest members of your family to value fresh air over the inactivity of screen time. Views from the top of mountain peaks or the bases of scenic waterfalls can inspire imaginations and good health at the same time.
What are you waiting for? Isn’t it time that you convinced your family to set their busy schedules aside, leave their electronics at home, and get outside and enjoy the wonders of the outdoor world?

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