Four Easy Step to Planning Your Grand Canyon Rafting Adventure

Four Easy Step to Planning Your Grand Canyon Rafting Adventure

Grand canyon river rafting trips

The Grand Canyon is one of the most mesmerizing phenomenons on planet Earth. The Grand Canyon is a rock formation in northern Arizona that geologists believe slowly developed as the Colorado River ran through it and wore it down over the course of millions of years. Visiting this incredible site and soaking in its natural beauty is something that every human should do at least once in their life.

Speaking of the Colorado River, we find the best Grand Canyon expeditions are via white water rafting along the river! If you are interested in life-changing Grand Canyon expeditions, you will find they come in all shapes and sizes; there are Grand Canyon expeditions that are single day rafting trips, and Grand Canyon expeditions that are multi day rafting trips. Some outings last as long as 16 days and involve every imaginable outdoor excursion.

If you are ready to buckle down and plan your Grand Canyon expeditions for realsies, simply follow this list of steps:

STEP ONE: Determine the type of rafting trip you’re going to take and who is going to take you.
The Grand Canyon white water rafting season begins in early April, and continues throughout the summer and into September. There are several different Grand Canyon rafting companies who include any variety of special interests that you might have.

Deciding what you want to get out of your Grand Canyon expedition and how long you want to go will help you determine which expedition company to use. After you decide that, contact them and place a reservation. Some Grand Canyon expeditions fill up fast, especially during peak times, so the earlier you plan the better.

STEP TWO: Determine your expedition route.

The Colorado River snakes through the Grand Canyon for 277 miles. If you want to see it all, many rafting groups begin at the northern corner of the Grand Canyon and make their way southward and then back, in a circle. If you have a shorter trip in mind, do your research and figure out what part of the Grand Canyon you want to explore. Most Grand Canyon river rafting adventures start in Las Vegas, as it is an easy hub to get to and travels to the national park are convenient from there. Unless your expedition has a different meet up location, you’ll want to incorporate travels to and from Las Vegas in your trip plans. (As a bonus, taking a quick trip to the Las Vegas strip can be an incredibly fun side outing to incorporate into your trip!)

STEP THREE: Pack your bags.

The adventure company you use for your Grand Canyon expedition determines what you’ll need to bring along with you. Most expedition groups provide your camping necessities, and even food and drink throughout your trip. Unless instructed otherwise by your adventure group, your packing list should include:

  • Clothing for your outings and for relaxing at the campsite.
  • Personal items: such as toothpaste and toothbrush, personal cleaning items, etc.
  • Any medication you might be taking. We recommend bringing along some Tylenol or Ibuprofen, your drug of choice for muscle aches or headaches, so that you are comfortable throughout your trip.
  • A wet bag to keep your wet and dry clothes separate. You can find this at a sporting good store, but large Ziploc bags will work perfectly.
  • Your drink of choice. Although the food will be provided for you, if you have a special coffee you like to warm up to you in the morning or an “adult beverage” you unwind with that night, bring it along!
  • A book, journal, crossword puzzle, or any other entertainment that you enjoy in your off time.
  • A sturdy pair of sport sandals that are appropriate for water, tennis shoes that you can wear for land adventures, and some shoes to relaxing at the campsite.

STEP FOUR: Go on your trip and enjoy the adventure of a lifetime!

Make the most of your outing! Many times, you’ll find yourself wanting to make this trip over and over again. Even if this is a once-in-a-lifetime thing, you will reflect on it for the rest of your life. Make the most of your time.

Do you have tips for planning a Grand Canyon rafting adventure? Please share your wisdom in the comment section!

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