How Do You Choose the Best Pool Builders?

How Do You Choose the Best Pool Builders?

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Have you started to look for the best pool builders to build your dream backyard pool? Tackling a job as big as pool installation is simple, so long as you have a plan. Appoint yourself the leader of a team of experts and you are well on your way! Or, to put it another way, follow the guidelines below to minimize the likelihood of future headaches.

First, draw up your pool design! No, actually; daydreaming is the pre-step. The first real step in the pool construction process is to find the best pool builders in your area. There are different places to find contractor names, from an online search to asking friends and family. Recommendations are highly valued, of course, because construction projects are notoriously frustrating when the contractor was chosen by price alone. Price is not always the best decider when choosing a contractor, as highly skilled workers are more likely to stand behind their work. Ideally, the best pool builders are chosen because of a glowing testimonial.

The second part of the process, once you have chosen the best pool builders, is the paperwork. Getting building approval, appraisals, contracts, and permits are perhaps the most important part of construction. Paperwork is no one’s favorite, in part because there is so many details to double check.

A below-ground pool may take anywhere from two to five weeks to build, depending on weather. The cost can vary from $20,000 to $50,000. But if you later decide to sell your home, installing an in-ground pool can increase its selling price by about 8%, which is a plus. Keep in mind, if you do think you might resell in the future, what design might appeal to buyers.

Once the pool construction is finished, it is time to think about safety. Many experts recommend installing a fence around the pool area, to keep small children and animals out. The fence should be at least four feet high. This is a feature that will only add to later resell value, as buyers like to consider their current and future family arrangements.

The building of an in-ground pool is extensive and potentially full of pitfalls. But, with proper planning and attention to detail, it can be a smooth process. This is an addition to the home that can be enjoyed for years to come. Make sure its beginning starts off right.

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