International Sports Tours Travel the World and Play Soccer!

Sports tours

Among many other things, Americans love their sports. Football, hockey, baseball, and basketball are gigantic, billion-dollar industries on the professional level with millions of die-hard fans across the country (and, for that matter, the world). Outside of watching sports, Americans also love participating in them on all levels. Especially among the youth. Over 60% of American kids play sports outside of school. Overall, approximately 22 million kids in the nation play sports both in and outside of school. The “Big 4” sports are of course popular with them but another sport, soccer, is also played often. High schools often have soccer teams for both boys and girls. Overall, there are about 8,200 youth soccer clubs in the U.S.

Soccer, or course, is more popular in the rest of the world. From Costa Rica to Indonesia, from Poland to Mozambique, soccer (or “football”) is one of the few sports in the world that can be safely called “universal.” For this reason, many soccer clubs and high school teams in the U.S. love to participate in international sports tours. Custom soccer tours are a wonderful way to instill the love of soccer and the love of travel into young soccer players everywhere. Not only will student soccer players learn the values of soccer — teamwork, integrity, endurance, humility, etc. — they will also be able to travel the world. Learn about different cultures, customs, and languages. Traveling is wonderful for the young because it shows them up-close just how precious and large the world truly is.

Kids of all ages and backgrounds will definitely benefit from world soccer tours. After all, the best sports tours are those that involve more than just sports.

What do you think about international sports tours? Have you or anyone you know ever been on one? Feel free to leave a comment or question at the bottom.

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