Paddle Boarding Provides a Great Opportunity for Exercise and Enjoyment

Paddle Boarding Provides a Great Opportunity for Exercise and Enjoyment

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Both of your daughters have gained both confidence and skill in their paddle boarding tips and skills since that first outing. They also have had to purchase a few poles!
The first time that your two teenage daughters had a chance to try out paddle boarding they were sharing one board and one pole at a friend’s lake house. The whole thing happened rather quickly, but the giggling and splashing quickly turned to silence when the girls realized that they had lost sight of the pole. A very inexpensive version, the missing pole evidently sunk to the murky bottom and was never seen again.
Although three of you spent a good deal of time on the phone calling around to local sporting goods stores, you could not find an affordable replacement that weekend. Your husband was actually willing to follow the paddle boarding tips he got on one of the phone calls and purchase a mire expensive type of pole, but your hosts insisted that it was simply too much money. The friends explained, in fact, that if you bought the expensive pole that was available at the adventure gear store on the other side of the lake, you would be spending more than what had been invested on the pole and the board combined.
Resorting to kayaking and swimming, the paddle board was put away and once you returned home your husband ordered a replacement paddle online and had it shipped to your friends. The new paddle came with the a hand made set of paddle boarding tips that your daughter emailed them. Top tip on the list: insert part of a shaved pool noodle inside the paddle so it will not sink!
Is Your Family Looking for New Activities to Enjoy Together?
As Americans of all ages continue to look for ways to be more active and to find ways to enjoy the great outdoors, activities like paddle boarding, scuba diving, and archery have grown in popularity. And fortunately, many of these recreational sports do not require large investments or serious skills. Although you might want to check out a few paddle boarding tips before you head out for a day on the lake, but even a sport like paddle boarding can be fun for beginners.
Not exactly a sport, another outdoor activity that continues to grow in popularity is camping. With campgrounds across the country, families who like this activity can always find a location that suits them. Whether the desired site is a simple spot to pitch a tent or a luxury campground with fancy cabins and lots of activities, families will find what they need.
Nor surprising, American spending on camping equipment reaches nearly $1.8 billion a year. Perhaps one of the reasons that this activity is so popular is that campers indicate that as many as 70% of all camping trips are taken with friends.
Another reason that camping continues to grow in popularity is because when families camp, they also have the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors and spend time with a variety of activities. Campgrounds near lakes, for instance, offer children and adults alike the opportunity to paddle board or kayak; campgrounds near mountains provide beautiful views and opportunities for challenging hikes and rock climbing.
Instead of planning your family’s next vacation at an expensive amusement park with pricey hotel rooms, you might want to consider reserving a camping spot and explore new outdoor activities.


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