Personalized Running Gifts Hit the Ground Running With Your Running Buddy

Personalized Running Gifts  Hit the Ground Running With Your Running Buddy

Best gifts for runners

Though people may not always realize it, running is one of the oldest and most universal sports in history. Humans have been running ever since they could use their legs, and races have been around since ancient times. The ancient Greek Olympics is a famous example of competitive races but there have been more races before — and since. In the United States alone, more than 500,000 individuals compete in a marathon every year. There are more than 2,000 half-marathon events held every year as well. Running has no shortage of people willing to put their running shoes on and sprint toward the finish line.

And with good cause. In addition to the social and competitive aspects, running is fantastic for your health. Running has been proven to reduce or even reverse the effects of aging. Constant running and physical exercise can reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease by as much as 60% (compared to non-exercisers). Running for 45-60 minutes can also reduce systolic and diastolic blood pressure readings by as much as 10-12 mgs, which is not insignificant. Running is so good for you that the U.S. Department of Health recommends adults to exercise at least 21 minutes a day (or 150 minutes a week).

Running has several advantages but there is one advantage not widely talked about: running gifts. Gifts for a runner are a wonderful and innovative way to show someone you care. Whether it is a co-worker, a relative, a friend, or your partner, there is most likely at least one person you know who likes to run, and they will love these gifts. From running medal hooks to runners recovery sandals to runners ID and LED lights, personalized gifts for runners will make a runner’s head spin! Running decals, jewelry, headbands, beer goggles, and car magnets. You name it, there’s probably something like it for runners. Getting a specialized running gift will show that friend, partner, or relative just how much you appreciate them and their sport.

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