Three of the Best Recipes to Try the Next Time You’re Cabin Camping

Three of the Best Recipes to Try the Next Time You’re Cabin Camping

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One of the best parts of the cabin lifestyle is the cuisine. All those amazingly delicious, rustic foods cooked over an open fire or in a proper dutch oven that delight both the mind and the stomach are usually some of the most memorable parts of any fishing or camping trip.

The next time you’re enjoying cabin life, try these amazing recipes.

Sticky Buns.

To make Sticky Buns, you’ll need a package of frozen dinner rolls, half a cup of melted butter, half a cup of chopped pecans, half a cup of browned sugar, and a box of cook-n-serve vanilla pudding mix. The first thing you’re going to want to do when making sticky buns is to grease a bundt cake pan. Then, put the frozen rolls in and space them out evenly. Mix the other ingredients together and pour over the rolls. Put a buttered wax paper on top and let it set over night. Once the rolls double in size, bake them at 350 degrees for about half an hour. Turn out of the pan immediately, and enjoy the rich cuisine of cabin life!

Crock Pot Potato Chowder.

To make crock pot potato chowder — one of the best dinners of the cabin lifestyle cuisine — you’ll need eight cups of diced potatoes, a third of a cup of chopped onion, three cans of chicken broth, one cup of condensed cream of chicken soup, one package of cubed, softened cream cheese, and half a pound of bacon. Put the potatoes, onion, broth, and the cream of chicken in a crock pot, covering it and cooking it on low for about nine hours. Then, add the cream cheese and blend it. Top it with the bacon and serve.

Buttered Rum.

To make buttered rum, you’ll need one pound of butter, one pound of powdered sugar, one pound of brown sugar, two teaspoons of cinnamon, one teaspoon of nutmeg, one quart of vanilla ice cream, and one and a half ounces of rum. Cream everything together and then put it in the freezer. When you want to serve it, add some rum, two tablespoons of batter, and fill it with boiling water. Sprinkle it with nutmeg, and you’ve got a hot, strong drink to serve when enjoying the cabin life.

Catching all of the wonderful fish in Alaska and staying in luxury log cabins are only a couple of the perks of fishing vacation packages. Though they’re both pretty great, it’s the cuisine of cabin life that has the potential to make a fishing trip go from good to great, so the next time you’re enjoying the cabin lifestyle, try these delicious recipes.

If you have any other cabin food ideas, feel free to share in the comments. Refernce materials.

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