Three Tips for Getting Your School Cleaner This Spring

Three Tips for Getting Your School Cleaner This Spring

How to clean a weight room floor

One charter school network in Chicago is taking a tough stance on discipline, and in an unusual way. The Noble Network of Charter Schools charges students for a variety of indiscretions, including $5 for chewing gum during class. Gum has long been a sticky subject for many schools. It often ends up under desks or on floors. Not only does it present a hygiene issue, but it can be costly to remove.

How do you get a school clean, exactly? It’s easy to imagine how floors get swept and mopped, but what about the odd details like gum or graffiti removal? Here are three tips for getting your school a bit cleaner this spring.

How to Clean Up Gum

  • The ancient tried-and-true technique of gum removal would be to simply scrape it off. For difficult areas where gum has clung to laminate, though, setting ice on it for a minute can make removal easier.
  • If you’ve heard of the old “get gum out of hair with peanut butter” trick, it works for tile floors too. Apply to the edges of the gum as you scrape it up. Just remember to wash it off the floor so that no one slips.
  • For carpeted areas, ice followed by a rinse with gentle detergent can do the trick.

How to Remove Graffiti From a Locker

  • The best technique will depend on what type of markers or paint were used to create the graffiti. Permanent marker can be removed with nail polish remover.
  • Many companies sell products specifically made for locker graffiti removal, such as the Biodegradable Tagaway Graffiti Remover. These will often be fairly effective at removing the stains.
  • Sometimes the only way to remove very stubborn graffiti is to paint over, rather than trying to combat die-hard sketches.

How to Clean Running Track Surface Material

  • To keep athletic rubber flooring clean, it should be routinely cleaned as per the manufacturer’s instruction. Also important for maintaining the track is to observe proper care. Vehicles should not be used on the track area. Poor surface drainage brought on by the use of sprinklers is one of the primary causes of track surface failure.
  • Many companies sell rubber floor cleaning products that one can use for cleaning rubber flooring. It’s important to use products specifically for this purpose, as other products made for different floor types could be potentially damaging to the rubber.

How would you clean running track surface material? Let us know in the comments. Read this for more.

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