What’s Entertaining and Educational? Find Out Here

What’s Entertaining and Educational? Find Out Here

Lost colony play

These days children and adults spend too much time with their heads buried in computers, video games, phones or television. Taking some time out to purchase theater tickets and see a play for kids can be a great family experience and can provide children with entertaining education. There are many options available at the theater like musicals, a tribute band, plays and concerts. Next time you have a family day off, plan a trip to the theater and experience the magic for yourselves.

The Arts

The arts have dwindled slightly with all the new technology in the world but going to tour a theatre, see a tribute band concert, or watch live music is still something that is enjoyed across America. A study was conducted in 2014 showed that in the previous 12 months 45.92 million Americans had been to a live theater performance. In addition, 115 million adults, or 56%, had participated in the arts through media.

Attending live theater performances such as a tribute band or non-musical play can be rewarding as well as educational to attendees. A Study of Public Participation in the Arts showed that people who attend non-musical plays and musical theater averaged 2.3 visits a year. When students were studied randomly it showed that 63% of the children who had watched a live performance had an improved knowledge rating. It is an experience worth being a part of, and not easily forgotten.

The Lost Colony

Among some great performances in theater for children or adults is a play called The Lost Colony. This event commemorates the original colonies. It is the second longest running outdoor drama in the United States. The play is performed in an Outer Banks theater which is viewed as a cultural focal point of the city.

The Lost Colony Roanoke story teaches attendees about what happened in Roanoke in the 1500s. Most people’s knowledge of the attempt to colonize Roanoke Island is limited to the great mystery when more than 100 men, women and children disappeared from the island in 1587 and were never heard from again. The performance highlights interesting facts related to the incident, such as the discovery of tree rings on the island that indicate the settlement experienced the worst three year drought of the past 800 years. The Lost Colony mystery began after there was a delay in supplies from England for three years, leading to the baffling disappearance of the Roanoke Island colonists.

The outdoor theater performance is an entertaining as well as educational piece that is enjoyable for all ages. The Lost Colony productions weave American history into an experience that will entertain a child or adult for hours. A greater display of Roanoke island history has never existed.

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