Why You Need To Use Rolled and Shaved Bats

Playing baseball is a darling to a significant number of people. Even though the game is not as easy it seems, the players still get time to follow its rules and strategy in place. However, one thing that has been inhibiting some baseball players’ performance is the quality and efficiency of their bats. The market is full of many bats, but some of them have questionable quality. They pose a challenge to your swing speed and, you just cannot hit the softball to travel a great distance. Fortunately, bat rolling and shaving offer a remedy to those shortcomings. The process involves increasing the trampoline effect by getting rid of the composite material in the inner barrel. A CNC lathe is used to extract the material, but a rolling machine can also be used in that regard.

Despite the availability of baseball bat shaving and rolling services, you must seek those services with care. Most service providers do not have what it takes to give you quality shaved and rolled softball bats. Therefore, you must assess their level of expertise, read customer reviews, compare prices and carry out intensive research on the baseball bat shaving and rolling service providers in the market. Working with those tips will guarantee you quality doctored bats.

Benefits of Rolled and Shaved Bats

It is with no doubt that baseball bat shaving and rolling services are beneficial to baseball players. This is why there has been an increased demand for shaved and rolled softball bats. These bats offer various benefits such as:


Seeking baseball bat shaving and rolling services every time and then is not only a waste of time but also money. With rolled bats, such issues can be dealt with accordingly. A rolled bat has no composite material inside it; therefore, you will not have to put up with any funny sounds while hitting the ball. Furthermore, it maintains its effectiveness at an optimum level for a long time. However, to have such a long-lasting rolled and shaved bat, you must work with a reputable brand or service provider. Some of the baseball bat shaving and rolling service providers are not experienced and do not have the tools to offer those services. Stay woke lest you get exploited.

Enhanced Speed

The inability to hit the ball to travel at a higher speed is one of the problems many baseball players struggle with. The issue can be in their swing and bat. Using a rolled bat creates a nice sweet spot to target the ball with it while hitting. This allows the ball to travel at a very high speed. Furthermore, shaved and rolled bats offer a bigger surface area for hitting the ball easier and faster. Capitalizing on such a feature will t4emendiously enhance your hitting prowess and overall performance.

More Power

A rolled bat has more power. Through rolling, the bat’s fibers are fortified to become more flexible to enhance the bat’s rebounding power. Whenever you hit the ball with the rolled and shaved bat, the fibers become more relaxed, increasing its rebound energy. This allows you to hit the ball to travel faster and even to a greater distance. The large sweet spot will contribute a lot in ensuring you get that perfect contact with the ball. With your flexible rolled bat, you can make more swings than ever before, thus enhancing your hitting prowess.

Enhanced Performance

It is the desire or rather urge of any baseball player to enhance their game. For professional players, the competition is stiff; therefore, you need to be ready and on top of your game. Capitalizing on the baseball bat rolling shaving services will go a long way in improving your game performance. Using a rolled and shaved bat will give you a greater swing speed, more hitting power and allow you to hit the ball even further. With that, you can give your competitors a run for their money.


The benefits accrued from bat rolling and shaving services cannot be ignored. Rolled and shaved bats are flexible, portable, and provide an enhanced hitting power. Baseball players can take advantage of that to enhance their performance. However, they must carefully seek bat rolling and shaving services to avoid getting poor quality rolled bats.

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