3 Climbing Gear Essentials for Your Next Outdoor Expedition

3 Climbing Gear Essentials for Your Next Outdoor Expedition

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Last year, as many as 38.05 million Americans went hiking, and many of those who enjoy this activity also go camping or participate in other outdoor activities. Among the most challenging outdoor activities, though, is rock climbing. Those who like to hike and climb need to make sure that they have the proper climbing gear for their trip, or else they can risk serious injury during this activity. Yes, know-how is crucial to a sport like mountain or rock climbing, but so is having the right supplies to stay secure.

So what kind of climbing gear will you need on your next outdoor expedition? Whether you’re new to rock climbing or a seasoned pro, make sure you don’t forget these items on your next trip:

  • Proper Adventure Gear: Not only do you need to make sure that you wear loose, comfortable adventure clothing, but you’ll also need other gear in order to stay safe. When climbing a mountain side, you’ll definitely need a helmet. This won’t just protect you in case you fall, but it will also help should you collide with part of a cliff while climbing. Having the right shoes or boots is also a necessity in order to climb safely.
  • Ropes and Harnesses: Two other pieces of climbing gear you’ll need include harnesses and ropes. The harness is worn and hooks the climber up to the ropes. This makes it so that you’ll be less likely to fall and get injured. Although some climbers prefer to not use ropes, they are good to carry should you need them.
  • Hooks and Carabiners: Finally, in order to stay safe while scaling a cliff or mountainside, you’ll need hooks and carabiners in order to latch onto rock. These items are used to make climbing a little bit easier. These things can be stored with your backpacking gear, which you should bring in case of emergencies.

If you’re not sure how much equipment you’ll need, think about your trip. How long will you be out climbing? What is the grade of the route you’ll be climbing? Once you know the details, plan accordingly, and make sure to take some first aid and camping supplies with you. Have more questions about planning your next outdoor expedition? Leave a comment below.

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