7 Ways That Kids’ Science Toys Can Help Make Your Children Sharper and Smarter

7 Ways That Kids’ Science Toys Can Help Make Your Children Sharper and Smarter

Magnet building toys

As a parent, you need to find the right ways to keep your children occupied. Not only is this good so that you can have the spare time to do your chores and unwind without having to worry about what they are up to, getting the right toys for your children can also have great impact on their well-being and development. For ages, parents have been buying building blocks and construction sets for their children to keep them occupied while helping them develop their minds and motor skills. The brain continues to grow till children reach 18 years of age, and the first few years can be the most impressionable. If you are looking for the right toys with an educational vibe for your children, kids science toys can be a good option.

Science-based educational toys like magnetic building blocks can be a great choice for your children. These toys not only have a great tactile feel and colorful designs, they also provide a mentally stimulating environment for your children, which accelerates learning by up to 25%. Here are seven important ways that kids science toys can help your toddler become sharper and more intelligent –

  • Tactile Stimulation – Through the use of science-based educational toys, your child can slowly understand how different surfaces and textures feel. Qualities such a density, consistency and hardness or softness slowly get defined and reach a concrete stage through hours of free play.
  • Visual Awareness – These toys provide a colorful, engaging visual experience which helps stimulate the vision. Children begin to grasp preliminary concepts of distance, size and orientation while using these toys.
  • Motor Skills – Toys like magnetic tiles or construction sets help you child develop fine, delicate motor skills, mostly to do with the hands and fingers. Small movements and maneuvers gradually become a part of muscle memory.
  • Hand Eye Coordination – Holding, lifting and putting things in place can help improve hand eye coordination, making your children more precise in their movement.
  • Memory Development – By the time children are eight years old, their brains have already reached 90% of their adult weight. This is a great time for the development of memory and imagination. Educational toys can help reinforce these abilities by providing targeted stimulation to the brain.
  • Independence Development – Kids science toys can help your children develop the notion of independence. Long hours of free play can encourage them to do things on their own without outside help, making them more self-sufficient.
  • Teamwork Development – Group play sessions with educational toys can help build teamwork, cooperation and enhance social and communication skills.

Apart from giving your kids an engaging, constructive playing experience and freeing up your time, educational toys can also play a significant role in shaping the minds of your little ones.

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