4 Parts of an E-cig That Every User Should Know

4 Parts of an E-cig That Every User Should Know

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If you smoke cigarettes or know anyone who does, you’re probably familiar with the recent craze in electronic cigarettes, also known as “e-cigs.” A small hand held vaporizer, these units heat vape juice and turn it into vapor. Lots of people have started to use them to replace smoking cigarettes, which have long been known to be unhealthy and have negative health effects. Vape juice is liquid nicotine that comes in an array of flavors and can be very fragrant. You can choose from almost any flavor you want, and you don’t have to worry about “vaping” around other people — neither e-cigs nor vaporizers produce significant second hand smoke. If you’re interested in this recent trend and want to know more but don’t know where to begin, here is a list of the main components of any e-cig.

    1. Battery
    This is the power source for the e-cig and is activated when a user pushes an on/off button or by inhaling on the mouthpiece. The battery works best when it is fully charged, and is usually rechargeable with either a standard usb charger or a special e-cig charger. There are many options for e-cig batteries and different users prefer different types — some are much larger and produce a stronger hit of vapor, while others are slim and don’t stay charged as long but are great to store in a purse or even in your pocket. Check online and look at the different choices to see what type will work for you.

    2. Heating device
    Also known as the smokeless vaporizer, this works to turn the liquid vape juice into vapor. It works by heating a coil that is attached to the battery on one end and the e-liquid on the other. Users need to be careful when vaping because the vaporizer can get very hot and it might need to be turned off for a few minutes if this happens. Vaporizers usually need to be replaced after a set period of use, and they are replaceable so you can buy the type that fits your model of e-cigarette. This is one reason e-cigs are so popular with people today — they are replaceable and last a long time, unlike traditional cigarettes.

    3. Cartridge
    The cartridge is connected to a mouthpiece so when the user inhales, vapor is produced. Similar to the vaporizer, the cartridge should be replaced after some time because it can get dirty or clogged. The good news is, replacements are usually inexpensive. There are various types of cartridges and they can be personalized to fit with the user’s unique style. They come in lots of colors and shapes and many people actually have multiple cartridges if they like to use different flavors of e-liquid.

    4. E-liquid
    This is the best part of using e-cigs because they can choose from so many flavors. Different options can also be mixed together to produce novel flavor combinations. Try mixing a sweet flavor like vanilla or chocolate with a fruity one like strawberry or banana. There are seemingly endless combinations to choose from, and it’s impossible to try them all, so people never get bored. It’s also great to find a flavor that is perfect after someone has been vaping for a while, so they can have a go-to choice if they don’t feel like trying new options.

Do you have an e-cig and have any tips on choosing the best model or vape liquid? Please leave a comment below and let us know about it. See this link for more.

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