Preparing for the Zombie Apocalypse The Tools of the Trade

Preparing for the Zombie Apocalypse  The Tools of the Trade

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Following the mid-season finale of AMC’s notorious zombie — or walker — series The Walking Dead, fans are left eager waiting until the series picks up again. For some, however, the zombie apocalypse depicted in the nail-biting series seems like more of a reality than a fictional universe.

Zombies have always fascinated — and repulsed — the American public. There are countless tv series and movies centered around a zombie takeover, however, the zombies featured in each universe vary in terms of speed, state of decay, and other defining characteristics. Despite these differences, one thing remains constant; zombies must have their brain destroyed in order to become truly dead.

While guns and other forms are heavy artillery are helping in wiping out large herds or crowds of the undead, zombies seem to be attracted to both light and sound, which can put survivors in a less than favorable situation. This is precisely why now is the perfect time to buy hand forged tactical tomahawks in the event stuff gets real.

Tactical tomahawk axes are multipurpose tools, balancing a blade that can be used for chopping and a blunt end that can used for self defense against the undead. During the zombie apocalypse, the comforts of home will become a distant memory, and survivors may often find themselves roughing in the wild. Tomahawks are perfect not only for defending against zombies, but also for setting up camp.

You can buy hand forged tactical tomahawks at several online retailers who specialize in their production. However, you may not want to tell them exactly what you intend to use it for in this instance. More on this topic.

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