5 Ways to Make a Custom Pool Even Cooler

5 Ways to Make a Custom Pool Even Cooler

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If you’re going to be working with custom pool builders on your new swimming pool, why settle for a standard rectangle? One of the greatest upsides of getting a fully custom pool is that you can work with custom pool builders to create a nearly endless variety of shapes, both making the most of your outdoor space and making a big visual statement. But there are many ways to customize your pool that go beyond its shape. Here are five to consider:

  1. Several Tiers

    For a high-end look, consider creating a multi-tiered pool and spa combination. You can choose to keep various sections separate or connect them with spillovers.

  2. Bold Lighting

    Go beyond the standard few lights most pools have installed in their sides. Pool lighting, both in and around the pool, can be customized to give any feel that you want, whether that’s a relaxing oasis or a club-like, party-worthy hangout. (And on a purely functional note, of course, properly selected and installed lighting serves safety functions, as well.)

  3. Functional Built-Ins

    Want to create more hangout options in your pool? Built-in benches and lounges are perfect for sunbathing , while a built-in table can allow you to do something like playing cards all while beating the heat in your cool pool — though you’ll probably want a deck of waterproof cards. You may also want to have a spot for an umbrella built in to keep your table area shady for hot summer days.

  4. Water Features

    Custom waterfalls and fountains add a unique touch to any pool. They’re also ideal if you’re hoping to drown out city noise, since they allow you to mask any unwanted sounds in the area with the pleasant melody of running water.

  5. Fire Features

    Want something a little more hot than cool? You should look into custom fire features. It’s very important that these be properly planned and installed for safety reasons, so you’ll want to choose a pool builder with quite a bit of experience if you want to go this route (and you should never try to DIY this kind of project).

What other unique features would you like to have incorporated into your custom pool? Share your ideas in the comments.

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