Looking For Family Vacation Ideas? Read This

Looking For Family Vacation Ideas? Read This

Attractions near panama city beach

You didn’t understand the expression “I have to get away” until you were a parent. But it’s rounding on August now, your little ones are starting to get bored and restless with summer vacation, and you’re pretty sure the thermometer both on your patience and on the bird feeder have maxed themselves out.

Don’t worry. You’re not alone. Nearly 80% of people respond to this need for a vacation by taking one or even more each year, and over a quarter of that number are tasked with young children for the journey. A family vacation is a great way to make memories with your brood that don’t involve pulling your own hair out or driving to CVS. Depending on where you choose to go, a vacation can kindle your children’s active sense of wonder, and who knows, maybe bring out the kid in you hiding under all those bills and board meeting memories.

You’re probably inundated from all sides with commercials and suggestions for museum walking tour packages, trips to Europe, and Las Vegas party bus deals. But for the best family vacation in this weather, we would have to recommend something where water is the central attraction. Furthermore, going abroad can get pricey and young children might not be able to fully appreciate all another country has to offer in terms of new sights, smells, language, and culture.

Florida remains a tried and true region of domestic vacationing that won’t break the bank and has an abundance of coastline. In fact, nearly 70% of Americans say they plan on making a trip to Florida within the next year! Not only are there great beaches in Florida, but the state also boasts an amusement park or two with water attractions. Water attractions like bumper rafts or water slides are a great way to cool off during your day out. In fact, they became so popular at regular amusement parks that water parks, AKA, parks that do nothing but water attractions, started springing up all over the country, including in Panama City, Florida.

So go on and get with literally the majority of Americans who also need to get away. Start Googling “attractions near Panama City beach” or some such thing and plan a week away from the daily grind with your family.

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