American Outreach Golf Classic & Raffle of Charity

American Outreach Golf Classic & Raffle of Charity

Join us in participation at American Outreach foundation golf simulator charity events

Improving the standard of living and instilling hope is the core value for us at American Outreach Foundation. We partner with anyone willing to assist us in opening new doors of possibilities to those underprivileged, impoverished by immediate needs, or suffering from any impairment regardless of their race, age, financial situation, and gender.

In recent times, we’ve been collecting wheelchairs from well-wishers to create some positive changes to veterans’ lives, their widows, low-income families, single parents, and seniors.

The lives of some of the veterans who are affected and are unable to move to depend so much on the wheelchairs donations we receive. Some of them are in bad conditions which really need some repair working to give this group of people some freedom of movement to enjoy life. To support us, we invite you to participate in our golf simulator charity events. Here are tips you need to know about participating in our golf simulator event.

Many of us find it so cool and enjoyable when playing a golf game on a clear day, cool weather of clear skies accompanied by some nice breeze. Weathers can be unpredictable, which may spoil the real game. That’s where the virtual world steps up and takes its place in the form of a golf simulator, a computerized game of golf. The game can be played anywhere at home or office. And it is designed to mimic the real game of golf.

How a golf simulator works

The procedure is just the same in a golf simulator play except that you will stand on a swing pad platform, which is placed in front of a projector screen. The swing pad has a replica grass and a tee to feel a real game on the field. The screen will display to you a real image of a golf course with grass and clear skies.

How to play it

Once you buy our raffle tickets for the event to support the American outreach foundation, you will be allowed to step on the swing pad, swing, and hit the ball right at the screen, the same way you would do at a driving range. The screen in front of you, which is connected to some sensors, will calculate your hit’s aspects. Immediately your shot hits the screen. It will send information which it has collected to a computer. The computer evaluates it, from speed, distance, angles, movement, and even guides you on how to take a good shot.

Imagine being able to perfect your swing in the rain without getting wet in a game of golf simulator. Join us for this worthy cause and help the American Outreach charity event bring hope for a brighter tomorrow for the neediest in our society. Buy your tickets.

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