Fly Fishing 101 Essential Pieces of Gear

You may have the basic know-how on fly fishing, but without the right pieces of gear, you’re bound to have a disappointing experience. You shouldn’t be blindly picking just any type of tool, however, especially if this is your first time buying.

With approximately 9.6 billion pounds of fish caught in 2016, it’s obvious that there’s a lot of people who are getting into this superb recreational activity. Due to this, there’s an abundance of gear types and brands to choose from.

Allow us to help you pick the right gear with this list of seven essential fly fishing gears for beginners:

Fly Lines

An estimated 49 million Americans participated in saltwater, freshwater, and fly fishing in 2017 alone. This number increases each year with new anglers joining the fun that this outdoor hobby offers.

There wouldn’t be any fly fishing without fly lines. An essential piece of gear in this sport, the fly line provides the weight needed for the angler to cast the fly. Here are the four parts of a fly line:

1. Tippet

If you’re tying many lines on your angling session, the tippet will come in handy. This small, clear line is very flexible and attaches to the leader, making it difficult for the fish to notice. Because you have to cut previously knotted lines when tying a new fly, a tippet can help prolong the life of your leader.

2. Fly Line

This gear – where a large portion of the mass of your line is in – is the backbone of your fishing equipment. Without it, casting a fly would be impossible. The fly line allows you to get your bait to where the fishes are across the river.

3. Leader

Aptly named, the leader is what brings the fly line and the tippet together. This gradually tapered line acts as the connector and forms the central part of the line.

4. Backing

The backing is the hidden yet vital component inside the reel, which attaches the fly line to the reel. It’s helpful in faster reeling in of fish because the proximity of the fly line makes each turn of the reel cover more ground.


The spool of your fly line, a fly reel is absolutely necessary for the actual reeling in of the fish. Attached to the fly rod, it holds the backing and the fly line.


You’re not an angler without fly rods. There’s plenty to consider when picking a rod, and you shouldn’t restrict yourself with a single rod. The types of fish you’ll catch will help you to initially choose a rod that suits you the best. Choose a fly rod that can handle the strength and size of the fish.

Waders and Boots

Never head out to the water without wearing waders. They’re your protection from snakes and bugs, aside from keeping you warm and dry. For a long and fruitful experience with this recreational activity, you need to pick a pair of waders you’ll be comfortable wearing.

There are different kinds of waders depending on the conditions you’ll be exposed to:

  • Keep things simple by going with bootfoot wader
  • In warmer regions, a stocking foot wader is a great option
  • Pick a hip wader if you feel restricted wearing shoulder straps

Fishing Boots are essential gears if you’re not wearing bootfoot waders. When it comes to boots, you need a pair that will help you feel like you’re standing on solid ground, no matter the river terrain.

Fishing Net

Why carry a net when you can hook the fish? The most obvious answer is that it makes it so easy to and a fish. It doesn’t matter if the fish is big, small, or foul-hooked, when you have a good fishing net you’ll don’t have much trouble landing a fish.

A fishing net with fly-snag resistant basket is what you should look for. Nets vary in weight, material, and handle length. Consider these variations and choose nets that you can easily use.

Achieve a Fun and Successful Fly Fishing with These Gears

Now that you know what gears you should be getting first, you’ll be more confident in buying them. With the correct pieces of equipment, you’re sure to get a catch. With so many fly fishing brands today, you’re sure to get one that will suit you the most.

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