Drowning 7 Common Myths About In Ground Pools

Drowning 7 Common Myths About In Ground Pools

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If you’ve been considering putting in a backyard pool, you’re probably in the process of weighing the pros and cons. In order to make that process productive, however, you need to have factual information. There are cons, of course, associated with in ground pools — just as there are for most things in life — but your ultimate decision shouldn’t be swayed by common misconceptions about what it’s like to have your own swimming pool. With that in mind, here are seven of the most common myths about in ground pools, busted:

  1. Pools Take a Lot of Work

    The maintenance burden of a swimming pool is actually relatively low, given the level of automation that is now common. You should expect to spend a few hours a week, at most, cleaning and testing the chemical levels of pool water.

  2. Pools Are a Safety Hazard

    This is all about preparation. As long as you take proper precautions (all pools should be surrounded by fences at least 4 feet tall, for example) and make sure everyone in your house swims well, there’s no reason to be overly concerned about having a pool in the backyard.

  3. Pools Lower Resale Value

    It’s true that some homebuyers won’t want to buy a house with a pool. But for many buyers, a pool is a luxurious bonus. So while you’ll perhaps narrow the pool of buyers interested in your property, there’s no reason someone for whom the house is a good fit will offer a lower price.

  4. Pools Aren’t a Green Choice

    Especially with dwindling water resources, you might be concerned that having a pool isn’t environmentally responsible. But in ground pools actually use less water than what would be required to maintain a lawn of the same size.

  5. Pools Drain a Bunch of Energy

    You may see a modest increase in your electricity bill after installing a pool. But it shouldn’t be drastic, especially with today’s high-efficiency equipment. Plus, you need to factor in the money you’ll save by using your own pool rather than seeking out other exercise and recreation options.

  6. Pools Require a Big Yard

    Pools can be built in all shapes and sizes to fit the space you have available. Small pools can still be great for swimming laps or cooling off on a hot day.

  7. Pools Are Horribly Expensive

    The cost of putting in a pool varies widely based on pool design and construction technique. You can opt for something with no frills or go all-out. It’s up to you.

Does allaying some of these concerns make you want to call prospective pool builders right away, or are you still hesitant? Discuss the upsides and downsides you’re thinking of in the comments.

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