Trout Fishing Attracts New Enthusiasts

Trout Fishing Attracts New Enthusiasts

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When most people think about fly fishing they often think about trout fishing. While it is true that many fly fishing enthusiasts got their start with trout, fly fishers pursue just about ever species of fish, both salt and freshwater, with a fly rod. You might be surprised at the options available in your area.

Fly fishing is roughly a $750 million market in America. The number of outdoors people looking toward fly fishing continues to grow as Americans continue to seek ways to spend time in the commune of nature. The wading gear and fly fishing rods that allow fly fishing enthusiasts to commune with nature is, for some, the beginning of a life changing outdoor activity. In fact, fly fishing can transform the way you look at your environment.

To be successful at fly fishing, you will need to take a close look at the ecosystem of the river,ocean or lake you frequent As you become a student of nature by literally submerging yourself in your sport, you soon begin to recognize the natural order of this amazing place we call home. For some trout fishermen, the sport becomes a spiritual awakening. As you spend quiet hours watching the interaction water, land and wildlife, you soon understand the importance of becoming a steward of the your favorite fishing locations, as well as the entire world around you. To some fly fishing becomes a synonym for religion and philosophy.

While many people hear of fly fishing and think of nothing more than the complicated cast you must master and the expensive gear you must purchase, the reality is the fly fishing clothes that you imagine are not necessary if you want to try out this sport. The simplest of equipment can help you get started, but many find the quiet of the outdoors and the thrill of a catch so addicting that they do become obsessed with the conveniences you can purchase.

Based on U.S. Fish and Wildlife data, the number of fly anglers is estimated at 3.83 million. Of those, about 35% of fly anglers are female. If you are looking for a sport that allows you to be outdoors by yourself, or with your family, fly fishing for trout or other fish may be your new addiction. Contact your local local game and parks commission or local sporting goods store to find out what fly fishing opportunities are available in your area rivers and lakes.

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