Give Me a Home Where the Wild Mustangs Roam See an Outer Banks Horse Tour

Give Me a Home Where the Wild Mustangs Roam  See an Outer Banks Horse Tour

Outer banks wild horses

Looking for a fun activity for the whole family? Do your children like horses and ask questions such as, “Where do wild Mustangs live?” If so, North Carolina’s Outer Banks may be the place to go. In addition to beautiful scenery and beaches, the Outer Banks is also home to plenty of wild horse tours for viewing the area’s wild Spanish Mustangs. These tours allow visitors to observe the horses from a safe distance and see them in their natural habitat.

If this sounds like something you and your family would enjoy, there are plenty of tours to choose from. To get you started ahead of time, here are some interests facts about wild horses and the Outer Banks horses specifically:

Horses are mammals with an herbivore diet, meaning that they subsist on shrubs, grass, and other plants. They also have the largest eyes of any land-dwelling animal. Horses in the wild will normally stay in areas with accessible water, but they are seen traveling in order to graze for food.

The question “Where do wild Mustangs live?” is somewhat misleading. The questions should not be “Where do wild Mustangs live?” but “What kinds of horses live in the Outer Banks?” The horses in the Outer Banks are actually considered feral horses, meaning that their ancestors were domesticated; wild animals do not have domesticated ancestry. However, the horses in the Outer Banks are free-roaming. In this region, they are commonly referred to as banker horses. They are descended from the Spanish Mustangs, which were brought to America by Spain during their earliest North American conquests and discoveries.

If your family would like to see the horses of the Outer Banks, contact a tour company to schedule a visit. Have questions about the tours? Leave a comment. Check out this website for more.

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