Go the Extra Mile With These Fantastic Running Gifts

Go the Extra Mile With These Fantastic Running Gifts

Running jewelry

Running has been around for quite a while. In fact, you could say that running has been around ever since humans learned to walk! As a competitive sport, running can be found in ancient times. The ancient Greek Olympics, probably the most famous example, hosted races as one of its many events. Though much has changed since then, the sport of running has essentially remained the same. (It is, after all, straightforward.) In modern times, competitive races such as cross country began around the 19th century as an English game called “hare and hounds” or “the paper chase.” Nowadays, races such as the New York Marathon and the (modern-day) Olympics just go to show running’s enduring popularity.

In addition to being a sport, running is also a great aerobic exercise. The U.S. Department of Health recommends adults to exercise at least 150 minutes a week, or 21 minutes a day. There are many benefits to running such as improving blood pressure by 10-12 mgs., reducing the risk of Alzheimer’s disease, and even stalling or reversing the signs of aging!

The social and health benefits of running are clear. What is not so well-known, however, is the market that has emerged from the need for (foot) speed. Personalized gifts for runners are becoming increasingly popular with both runners and the people in their lives. Most of all of us know at least one runner in our day-to-day lives. A friend, a family member, a co-worker, a partner, etc. What better way to show how much you care for them by giving them, for instance, runners mugs or running socks? Impress your runner girlfriend with running necklace charms or running apparel for women. Show your friends you appreciate them with running decals and running safety lights!

There are plenty of more running gifts from where that came from but the point is this: personalized gifts for runners will be sure to make a runner’s day. The gifts go, as they say, the extra mile.

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