Elite Cheerleading Teams To Be Featured in New Movie

Elite Cheerleading Teams To Be Featured in New Movie

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Competitive cheerleading is an awe-inspiring, gravity-defying sport that offers its athletes a number of benefits. By attending tumbling classes and working with cheerleading coaches, cheerleaders often form close-knit bonds with their peers, participate in a healthy and challenging form of physical activity, demonstrate well-rounded qualities to prospective colleges, and more. But if you are part of an award-winning team, you may also have a chance to stand out even further: 30 of the United States’ elite competitive cheerleading teams were recently featured in a movie about their sport.

Produced by Fathom Events, a production company, and NFinity Athletic Corporation, which specializes in women’s athletic shoes, “NFinity Champions League 2” will be playing in select theaters on April 2 and 4. The movie follows 30 competitive cheerleading teams and their cheerleading coaches as they prepare to compete in the Nfinity Champions League competition, which was held in Los Angeles, CA on March 21, 2015. The movie is said to contain plenty of acrobatics, gymnastics, tumbling instructions and dance, leading up to crowning of the event’s reigning championship team.

The NFinity Champions League is an elite cheerleading festival and competition that attracts some of the most prominent teams in the sport. Its inaugural event in 2014 was held in Atlanta, GA, but was moved to Los Angeles for its second year to better represent its role in the industry. The competitions are held on a closed-set to allow for filming, and the winning team takes home $10,000 for charity. The runners-up also receive $5,000 for a cause of their choice.

The movie is surely only the latest feather in the caps of the cheerleading coaches and athletes featured in the competition: the teams reportedly represent 85% of the total gold medals and 72% of the total medals awarded at the Cheerleading Worlds since its inception. The winning team, the Senior Elite Cheer Extreme All Stars Team of Kernersville, NC, reportedly defeated 23 other teams at the Champions League Second Annual Cheer Competition and took home a $10,000 prize. Being featured in a national theatrical release is just another thing these students and cheerleading coaches can put on their college applications, resumes and more, further proving the benefits of this competitive and rewarding sport.

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