How to Build Your Own Homemade Pool For You and Your Pets

How to Build Your Own Homemade Pool For You and Your Pets

Everybody, even your pet, enjoys a nice dip in the pool on days when it is hot, and you want to cool off. You can build a perfect low-budget handmade pool house with materials from your yard. Watch this video for instructions on constructing a handmade pool house that you and your four-legged companion can share.

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Begin constructing your do-it-yourself pool house by throwing together a few items you already have on hand. You will want various pieces of scrap plywood, a tarp, several nails, and a hammer to complete this project. You can adjust the size of the plywood to suit your preferences.

Make a rectangular box out of the scrap plywood by fastening it together on the bottom and sides to form the framework. When you are through making the box, fold a tarp so that it is twice as long as the box, and then line the box with it. Set it up and secure it by screwing it down on the sides. Apply duct tape to patch up any holes you see.
With the tarp secured to the box, you can fill your newly completed DIY pool house with water from the garden hose and enjoy a refreshing time with your furry companion.

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