Why Do Athletes Need Sports Physicals?

Why Do Athletes Need Sports Physicals?

Do you have an active and athletic child? If so, you should have them undergo a physical before they play their sport of choice. The video is narrated by a physician who gives insight into how sports physicals work and what they involve.

The main aim of a sports physical is to screen for life-threatening conditions and general health status. The physical is also an opportunity for your child to establish a relationship with your primary health provider.

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In addition to the physical, the physician can counsel your child generally about diet and healthy habits.

Before the physical exam, you will need to fill out a form on the health history of your child-athlete. The exam itself will consist of noting their height, weight, and vital signs. The physician will then asses their vision, musculoskeletal condition, and immunization status.

It is important to remember that the goal of a sports physical is to ensure that kids are safe when playing sports; it is not to disqualify them from living their lives as student-athletes. Kids tend to be healthy, vibrant, and physically resilient, and most go on to pass sports physicals with flying colors. You now know why student-athletes need physicals.


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