Planning a Camping Trip? Give These Cabin Food Ideas a Try

Planning a Camping Trip? Give These Cabin Food Ideas a Try

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Every year, according to the most recent statistics from the American Camping Association, more than 11 million Americans and their children take advantage of the many varied natural landscapes the United States has to offer for camping. For some, the old ways of setting up a tent and “roughing it” are best; however, getting luxury log cabin rentals is an increasingly popular way to go.

Whether staying in a tent or cabin, most campers fall into the same old trap of eating energy bars and other dried foods to keep their energy up in the wilds. Sure, those things will get the job done, but they can also take a lot of the enjoyment out of what should be a memorable trip. Here are four cabin food ideas that prove you can keep the culinary situation simple in your cabin rental, without having to sacrifice your taste buds to the typical camping chaff.

Four Cabin Food Ideas to Make Cabin Life More Enjoyable

  1. Hummus + Pita = Quick and Healthy Lunches
  2. One of the keys to great camping food is portability. That’s why the the popular camping blog The Camping Family recommends making a meal out of your favorite hummus and pita bread. Hummus pitas are simple to make, easy to bring along on the trails, and, most importantly, absolutely scrumptious.

  3. The Great American Hot Dog
  4. Just because you might elect to stay in luxury log cabins, that doesn’t mean you need to give up the most classic of pedestrian cabin foods. As HowStuffWorks writes, the classic American hot dog is a perfect camping food, both because of its portability and its durability. Hot dogs can be boiled, grilled, microwaved, or eaten cold, making them one of the simplest — not to mention tastiest — cabin food ideas you could put to use on your adventure.

  5. Campfire Muffins
  6. One of the most delicious cabin food ideas comes to us from the popular list website BuzzFeed. They suggest putting a healthy scoop of your favorite muffin batter into tinfoil, rolling the foil into a ball, and tossing it into your campfire. Wait for 10 minutes before pulling the foil out of the fire with your poker or favorite fire stick, remove the foil from the muffin, and enjoy with a pad of real butter.

  7. The Classic Banana Boat
  8. After a long day fishing or hiking in the great outdoors, nothing beats returning to your vacation lodge, kicking off your boots, and hanging out with your friends and family around the fire — well, almost nothing. Open up a banana and hollow out the top of the fruit like you would a canoe, being careful to leave the peel wrapped around the banana on three sides. Replace the scooped out banana with chocolate chips and a scoop of peanut butter, and close the peel. Wrap the banana inside tinfoil and place it in the fire for three minutes. That’s all it takes to make a delicious chocolate-peanut butter banana boat.

Are there any cabin delicacies you think we should have mentioned? Share your own cabin food ideas with us in the comments below. Read more like this:

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