Putting Up the ‘Gone Fishing’ Sign This Summer? Don’t Forget to Stop by a Fishing Shop First

Putting Up the ‘Gone Fishing’ Sign This Summer? Don’t Forget to Stop by a Fishing Shop First

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Summer has arrived, and for millions of Americans, that means it’s time to head outdoors. Some 43 million people prefer to stock up on camping supplies and stay in the wilderness for a few days; more than 38 million people, however, bring their climbing gear for shorter hiking trips.

But the majority (84%) of Americans who go camping prefer at least one other outdoor activity on their trip, and many people choose fishing as their favorite. At least 38 million Americans hunt and fish each year, and there’s no better time to do the latter than during the summertime. Before setting out the “Gone Fishing” sign, though, it’s important to make sure that you have the necessary supplies for your trip, including fishing rods and line, bait and tackle, fish hooks, and even safety gear if you plan on boating, too.

When should you head to a sporting goods store or fishing shop? Here are three signs that it’s time to stock (or restock) your supplies:

Your supplies is running low.

If it’s been a while since you replenished your bait and tackle, or you’ve run out of fishing line, then it’s time to head to a sporting goods store. Although they have all types of adventure gear for those who love the outdoors, many stores will have their own fishing sections if you don’t have a fishing shop nearby.

You’re competing in fishing tournament.

Many anglers, as they’re called, compete in tournaments and contests to catch the biggest fish — or the most of them. For this, you might need special supplies or other items, so you can have a competitive edge over your opponents. If you’ll be staying on a beach or near a lake for a few days, too, see if there’s any camping gear you might also need for your trip.

You’ve never gone fishing but are thinking of starting.

Nothing says you have to be an experienced fisher to buy this type of equipment! If you’ve heard plenty about the fun and relaxation to be had on a fishing trip, but you don’t know where to begin, trying heading to your local fishing shop to get an idea of what you need. An experienced fisher at a sporting goods store can explain to you the type of rod you need, how to use fishing line and bait, and other tips and tricks for making a great catch.

Do you plan to go fishing this summer? Tell us what you’re doing to prepare for your trip in the comments.

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