Energy Efficient Ways to Heat a Pool

Energy Efficient Ways to Heat a Pool

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Having a pool is a great outdoor amenity that can add help get your family outdoors in the warmer months. However, anyone with a pool will tell you that the upkeep and maintenance is quite a pain, the biggest complaint being that pools consume a significant amount of energy.

Even with the best pool heater available and on the market, you may not know that — although it is the best in heating the pool quickly — it may not be the most environmentally friendly or economical. For example, propane and natural gas heaters are not high on the energy efficiency scale and can be costly to the home owner. Instead, learn how to keep costs low this summer.

Use a solar cover: If you want an energy efficient pool heater, opt for a solar cover. This could be the best pool heater available if you already live in a hot, dry climate because it can prevent evaporation and it will quickly warm the water. With the cover, the pool’s heater will be running much less often.

Use the heater only when necessary: Too often families will leave their heater on all night and the majority of the day — even though no one is using the pool. It is more cost efficient to only use the heater when people will be in the pool.

Clean all parts and appliances: For most pools, a pH rating between 7.2 and 7.8 is best, and in order to maintain that proper pH, all appliances and parts must be running efficiently. Upkeep of parts will keep costs low in the long run. Purchase LED lights instead; these are reasonably priced and can last seven to 15 years. Even the best pool heater may not run as smoothly if pool filters are clogged all the time, reducing water circulation. Clean the filters at least once every four to six months.

Use a pool pump: Opting for a pool heat pump is a great alternative to using a natural gas heater. Heat pumps work similar to air conditioners in that they draw warm air from outside and use it to heat the water.

Solar panel heating: A less popular but still effective method of heating a pool efficiently would be to use solar panels, which collect heat from the sun to warm the water. Although the installation cost may be steep, the reduced cost in the long run is worth it — especially for those who live in dry, warm climates.

Always make sure that your pool is properly cleaned and maintained so that all you will have to worry about is heating costs as opposed to repair and upkeep costs.

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