Three Things to Do Before You Get a Running Tattoo

Three Things to Do Before You Get a Running Tattoo

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As tattoos continue to become a more acceptable form of art and expression, more and more people are going out to get their own unique piece of body art. Most people search for a design that has deep meaning behind, and for many athletes, this means a tattoo that represents their favorite sport. Take runners, for example. People who are passionate about running (and not afraid of needles) may be considering some new ink as a new way to show their love for the sport, other than their countless custom race gifts, race medal displays and running decals. Running-themed tattoos can be a meaningful way to show your dedication and passion for the sport, but just like with any tattoo, it is not something that you should get without careful consideration. A good process to go through before making any decisions is to:

  1. Brainstorm Running Designs – The whole reason behind getting a running-themed tattoo is that running has deep meaning in your life. Your tattoo should represent this passion, so it’s best not to make a hasty decision about a design. Some of the more popular designs for running tattoos are a plain running shoe or track shoe with a wing on it, but that doesn’t mean you can’t think outside the box. Other designs with meaning could be the time of your first long-distance race, a record race time or “26.2” to represent your first marathon.
  2. Test Out Temporary Running Tattoos – A real tattoo is permanent, and once you have it etched into your body, it won’t come off without an expensive and painful procedure. A good way to test out an idea for a running tattoo before having the real thing done is to use temporary running tattoos. This will allow you to quickly and painlessly apply the tattoo idea where you think you might want it and see how you feel about it. The great thing about temporary running tattoos is that, unlike a real one, they come off with very little effort. If you apply the temporary tattoo and you love it, then you will feel better about your decision to have your running design tattooed permanently.
  3. Decide Where You Want the Tattoo – Know that you have come up with a design and have tested out temporary running tattoos to be sure you like the way it looks, you need to decide where to get it. A number of factors can come into play here, but perhaps the most important thing to consider is whether or not you want it to be visible. If it doesn’t matter, you have much more flexibility, but if you want it covered up, you might consider placing it on the foot, ankle or back. If you don’t tolerate pain well, keep in mind that areas with a lot of bones, such as the ribs or ankle, tend to be more painful.

A running tattoo can be a great way to make a permanent statement about your passion for running, but it is important to not be hasty about getting one done. The best tattoos are ones that are carefully thought out and have significant meaning.

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