Where and When Is Your Next Family Vacation?

Where and When Is Your Next Family Vacation?

Paddle boarding

Fall break has arrived, and the decision to head mountains was an easy one. Even though it would be far too early for skiing you are certain that the train ride west would be worth the trip. With three days off school that provided a long five day weekend, your family boarded the overnight train from the midwest up to the mountains. Every member of the family had a couple of things on a list of things he or she wanted to do:

  • Your husband wanted to take advantage of the trails around the cabin and get an early morning run in every day.
  • The twins have packed their new archery equipment and want to head to the practice range as often as they can.
  • Your youngest daughter insists that the entire family must go zip lining together. Being the high point adventurer that she is, she also has rock climbing on her list
  • Your older daughter says that she will fully participate in all of the events, but she has packed her new camera lens and is intent on capturing the family in action, as well as the beautiful scenery.
  • Your list includes evenings by the campfire and mornings watching the sunrise. The morning task should be easy because the cabin you picked looks to the east so that you can start each day watching the sun come over the smaller mountain range which surrounds the lower part of the camp.

Family Vacations Allow Parents to Reconnect with Their Children
Far from the hectic schedules of daily athletic practices, jobs, school, and other activities, a family vacation in the mountains, or many other outdoor settings for that matter, allow parents and their children of all ages to kick back, relax, and enjoy their time together. And while many families may be tempted to vacation to expensive amusement parks and fancy beach resorts, a fall break is the perfect time to submerse yourself in the beauty of nature and surround yourself with the changing of the seasons.
Bouldering gear, climbing gear, and archery equipment are all perfect supplies for a long weekend in the mountain. One of the most fun parts of a vacation is the chance to spend time together enjoying the outdoor activities that are often too difficult to fit in the schedule back home. And while experts like to hone their skills with everything from their archery equipment to the rick climbing gear, plenty of camping locations also provide instruction for beginners as well. A long weekend that allows you to use your new or rented archery equipment on a daily basis, for instance, can lead to an increased set of skills that can last you a life time.
Camping Vacations Can Take Place in a Variety of Settings
Although 67% of participants in 2012 indicate that they camped most of their days in public campgrounds, these public offerings come in a variety of settings and with a variety of offerings. The average camper in 2012 who had 4.97 outings could, for instance, have visited four or five totally different kinds of camp settings:

  • Primitive campgrounds with simple tent pads and trails that lead into the untamed wild.
  • Mountain camp grounds that serve as the base for hiking some of the most beautiful and most challenging peaks.
  • Seaside camp grounds that offer scuba gear packages for days spent exploring the water and ocean life.
  • Hunting and fishing camp grounds that focus on perfecting the use of archery equipment and fly fishing rods and reels.
  • Family camp grounds that come with swimming pools, craft buildings, miniature golf courses, and horse back riding.
  • Recreational vehicle (RV) campgrounds that allow for long stays that can last through an entire summer.

With all of these options it is no wonder that consumer spending on camping equipment reaches as much as $1.8 billion every year. From families on a budget to families who have few financial limitations, camping is an activity that markets to many families. When the main goal is to spend time together with family and friends, the setting does not always have to be the focus. With an interest in the outdoors and a goal of getting away from the trappings of being connected 24/7, camping may be the very best option for all kinds of families.

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