Why You Should Rent Bikes on Vacation

Why You Should Rent Bikes on Vacation

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Transportation on vacation can become expensive, with all the taxis and buses needed to get from point A to point B. Relying on public transportation in an unfamiliar city can be inconvenient for people who have trouble remembering schedules, as well. For people travelling without small children, bicycle rentals may solve these problems.

Bike rentals are a convenient way for vacationers to get around town. Many companies offer all-day rentals, allowing vacationers to see the sights without worrying about returning the bicycle within the hour. Some companies even allow guests to rent a bicycle for the duration of their trip, making planning impromptu outings more flexible.

Renting a bike at the beach is a great way to enjoy shorefront shopping and activities. With a bicycle, beachgoers are able to visit individual shops and restaurants without having to hike miles in the hot sand. Riding a bike in the summer breeze is a relaxing activity in and of itself, making the bicycle an attraction on its own. Some rental bicycles even come with baskets and cup holders, so that vacationers don’t have to stop to drink their beverage or to drop purchases off at their hotel or with a family member.

Renting a bike on vacation is more convenient than renting a car. Bike insurance is rarely required, and often costs less than insuring a rental car. Some companies allow vacationers to pick up a bicycle at one location, rent it for an hour or so, and drop it off at a different location affiliated with the first. This saves the customer from having to cut their entertainment short by returning the bike in its original location. These companies often make it easy for renters to extend their time with the bike, as well.

Bike rentals are a great way to add activity to a vacation, without paying for a taxi or waiting for an inconvenient public transportation schedule. Vacationers who rent bicycles often see more of their host city, and feel more connected to locals. Anyone who wishes to enrich their vacation experience should consider renting a bicycle.

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