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Three Types of Outdoor Adventures You Can Plan for This Spring

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Are you looking to venture into the great outdoors this year? Whether you’re waiting for the weather to warm up or not, now is the perfect time to begin planning for spring and beyond for 2015. Each year, millions of Americans go hiking, take fishing trips, or dive into the ocean, and these vacations create a memorable experience for them and their whole families.

However, while going outdoors and enjoying nature is a lot of fun, it also requires the right supplies. When you plan your outdoor expedition, make sure you have the right camping supplies, scuba gear, and fishing or hunting equipment for your adventure. Here’s what you should plan for:

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Yes, Tomahawk Axes Are a Real Thing and This is How They’re Used

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Native Americans are famous for making several contributions to American society and culture, and are credited with helping to shape the United States. Many of these contributions, such as Thanksgiving, have become integral part of modern American culture, so much so that it’s difficult to imagine life without them. The same applies to the tomahawk axes.

Similar in shape and design to a hatchet, tomahawk axes were common tools and weapons used by Native Americans. Fascinated and intrigued by Native American ingenuity, European colonists soon began using tomahawk axes as well. They became so popular that they became a staple for members of the Royal Navy.

While most people are familiar with combat tomahawks, the Native Americans used