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Putting Up the ‘Gone Fishing’ Sign This Summer? Don’t Forget to Stop by a Fishing Shop First

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Summer has arrived, and for millions of Americans, that means it’s time to head outdoors. Some 43 million people prefer to stock up on camping supplies and stay in the wilderness for a few days; more than 38 million people, however, bring their climbing gear for shorter hiking trips.

But the majority (84%) of Americans who go camping prefer at least one other outdoor activity on their trip, and many people choose fishing as their favorite. At least 38 million Americans hunt and fish each year, and there’s no better time to do the latter than during the summertime. Before setting out the “Gone Fishing” sign, though, it’s important to make sure that you have the necessary supplies for your trip, including fishing rods and

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Energy Efficient Ways to Heat a Pool

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Having a pool is a great outdoor amenity that can add help get your family outdoors in the warmer months. However, anyone with a pool will tell you that the upkeep and maintenance is quite a pain, the biggest complaint being that pools consume a significant amount of energy.

Even with the best pool heater available and on the market, you may not know that — although it is the best in heating the pool quickly — it may not be the most environmentally friendly or economical. For example, propane and natural gas heaters are not high on the energy efficiency scale and can be costly to the home owner. Instead, learn how to keep costs low this summer.

Use a solar cover: If you w

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Three Reasons You Should Already Be on a Fishing Trip

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People go king salmon fishing in Alaska to, well, catch king salmon. It’s a competitive, fun challenge, but that’s not all. People take Alaskan fishing trips to get away from it all, which in and of itself has a lot more benefits than you might imagine. Here are just a few.

The Cabin Life Is Literally Good For You.

The cabin life is literally good for you. Science says so. According to a 2009 study published online in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, a decrease in people’s exposure to nature has possibly led to the increase in conditions like obesity, attention disorders, and depression. In other words, taking time to enjoy the cabin life is very good for you.

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