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The Kenai River Is Waiting For You (Just Don’t Tell The Salmon)

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Fishing trips have been getting a bad rap lately. Between all the stuff we hear about secret GMO hybrid fish and ocean depletion, we wouldn’t be surprised if you were a little down on your favorite hobby too.
Well, we’re here to tell you: don’t be! Every time you book a fishing trip, you are supporting an economic power house that supports nearly 900,000 U.S. jobs! What’s more, fishing is a sport that brings generations together, and if you fish in Alaska, you can proudly say you’re one of the few people left to seriously explore The Last Frontier.
Today we want to talk to you ab

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3 Interesting Facts About the History of Aluminum Bleachers

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Aluminum bleachers have been used for many years to provide fans, coaches, and players a place to sit while watching, practicing, or playing in a sporting event. They aren’t the most luxurious or glamorous of options, but they’re practical and efficient at serving their purpose. Today, they’re used by virtually all levels and every type of sports teams. In celebration of their longevity here are three interesting facts you might not know about them.


1.) History: Some say that the term “bleachers” can be traced back to 1889, but The Dickson Baseball Dictionary mentions the open area seating “bleaching boards” as early as 1877. Some believe the term stemmed from the fact

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Four Reasons Why Your Child Should Play Soccer

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As children grow up, it’s important to provide them with opportunities that allow them to grow physically, mentally, and spiritually. Soccer is a sport that not only makes you stronger, but will benefit your child for years to come, becoming a passion and extracurricular activity that they genuinely enjoy. Here are four reasons why your child should play soccer:
Soccer is for everyone
Whether you’re a boy or girl, fast or slow, soccer is for everyone. There is a position and role to play for every kind of person from all walks of life. For example, if your child isn’t a fast runner but wants to learn soccer skills, placing them in goal is often a good way to start. People from all over the world

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3 Climbing Gear Essentials for Your Next Outdoor Expedition

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Last year, as many as 38.05 million Americans went hiking, and many of those who enjoy this activity also go camping or participate in other outdoor activities. Among the most challenging outdoor activities, though, is rock climbing. Those who like to hike and climb need to make sure that they have the proper climbing gear for their trip, or else they can risk serious injury during this activity. Yes, know-how is crucial to a sport like mountain or rock climbing, but so is having the right supplies to stay secure.

So what kind of climbing gear will you need on your next outdoor expedition? Whether you’re new to rock climbing or a seasoned pro, make sure you don’t forget these items

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7 Ways That Kids’ Science Toys Can Help Make Your Children Sharper and Smarter

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As a parent, you need to find the right ways to keep your children occupied. Not only is this good so that you can have the spare time to do your chores and unwind without having to worry about what they are up to, getting the right toys for your children can also have great impact on their well-being and development. For ages, parents have been buying building blocks and construction sets for their children to keep them occupied while helping them develop their minds and motor skills. The brain continues to grow till children reach 18 years of age, and the first few years can be the most impressionable. If you are looking for the right toys with an educational vibe for your children, kids science toys