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Among many other things, Americans love their sports. Football, hockey, baseball, and basketball are gigantic, billion-dollar industries on the professional level with millions of die-hard fans across the country (and, for that matter, the world). Outside of watching sports, Americans also love participating in them on all levels. Especially among the youth. Over 60% of American kids play sports outside of school. Overall, approximately 22 million kids in the nation play sports both in and outside of school. The “Big 4” sports are of course popular with them but another sport, soccer, is also played often. High schools often have soccer teams for both boys and girls. Overall, there are about 8,200 youth soccer clubs in the U.S.

Soccer, or course, is more popular in the rest of the world. From Costa Rica to

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New Study Suggests Fish Habitats Can Be Studied With Underwater Cameras

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For decades, numerous studies have reported that natural underwater environments are being eroded by land development, the addition of non-native species, the changing climate and more. This news has alarmed thousands of environmentalists, fishermen and more, who fear that this change could have a problematic impact on local habitats and fish populations. Now, a report from the University of Florida has used underwater cameras to determine exactly how an invasive plant species is affecting the number of fish in Florida’s natural fish habitats.

Fish need cover and shelter to help them survive. Normally, this need is met by underwater plants, rocks and other objects on the floor of the lakes, rivers, and other waterways they call home. When these fish habitat structures are lost or destroyed, however,

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Though people may not always realize it, running is one of the oldest and most universal sports in history. Humans have been running ever since they could use their legs, and races have been around since ancient times. The ancient Greek Olympics is a famous example of competitive races but there have been more races before — and since. In the United States alone, more than 500,000 individuals compete in a marathon every year. There are more than 2,000 half-marathon events held every year as well. Running has no shortage of people willing to put their running shoes on and sprint toward the finish line.

And with good cause. In addition to the social and competitive aspects, running is fantastic for your health. Running has been proven to reduce or even reverse the effects of aging. Constant running

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Gift Ideas for Runners Runners ID, Bracelets, and More

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If you yourself do not like to run, you most likely know at least one person who does. Running is one of the most popular sports in the United States and, unlike most sports, can be done simply by yourself. Competitively, running has a large following among Americans. Every year, more than half-a-million Americans compete in a marathon, and that number shows no signs of stalling. In 2012, approximately 57 million people in the U.S. ran or jogged at least once. Perhaps it is for the fact that running can reduce the effects of aging that so many Americans choose running as their sport of choice.

Because running is so popular, there is an entire industry that caters to the wants and needs of runners. Personalized Continue reading “Gift Ideas for Runners Runners ID, Bracelets, and More”

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New Jersey Issues New Regulations on Artificial Reefs

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For centuries, communities have used artificial fish structures, called artificial reefs, to reconstruct lost marine environments and increase local fish populations. In recent years, one of the best artificial reef systems has emerged off the coast of New Jersey, where state officials have dumped everything from “reef balls” made by prisoners to surplus U.S. army tanks. These items have created an artificial fish habitat in areas devoid of structure and helped increase the number of fish accordingly. However, controversy has emerged as recreational and commercial fishermen have debated who has the right to

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Walk MS Spokane 2015 Event — Putting a Stop to MS One Step at a Time

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Every year, over 500,000 runners compete in a marathon in the United States, and that number continues to climb. However, for those who do not, or cannot, run and would rather walk, there are several events to compete in. One of them is the Walk MS: Spokane Fundraising Event.

Join thousands of participants on Sunday, April 12th from 9 A.M. to 1 P.M. in the fight for a cure for multiple sclerosis. Located at Spokane Falls Community College, the event is one of hundreds of fundraising walks around the country dedicated to putting an end to the debilitating disease. Proceeds from Walk MS will go towards medical research as well as local organizations and programs that help those afflicted with the disease. Registration is free of charge. However, voluntary donations are highly appreciated.