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How To Become An Adventurer In A Few Easy Steps

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The best part of going on an adventure is the break it gives you from your everyday life, even if that adventure is something as “simple” as camping. 3 million more Americans went camping in 2012 than they did in 2010, and 38.05 million people went in hiking in 2014. Things like camping, hiking, scuba diving or even archery give you exercise that’s a departure from the ordinary … you’re being more active than you would be in the gym, and more engaged!

Camping: Getting The Most Of The Great Outdoors

As soon as you pick up the necessary camping gear, you’ll want to head out into the great outdoors. However, it’s important to not only get any required camping permits, but to plan your tr

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Find out How a Hot Tub or Sauna Can Change Your Life for the Better

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For too long hot tubs have gotten a fairly bad wrap as being non-essential luxury items, something left to be enjoyed on a cruise or mountain lodge vacation. The truth is that hot tubs are good for more than just relaxing, they can also be extremely beneficial for your health. As an example, a certain kind of hot tub or spa can provide massaging circuit therapy for overworked muscles. The advantages don’t begin and end there, however; hot tub instillation may not be as expensive or difficult as one might imagine, especially with the aid of a hot tub repair company. Let’s break dow

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How You Can Have the Best Camping Trip Ever

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Camping is one of the most popular activities in America– in just one year, 38 million Americans enjoyed camping, and 74% camped in a public campground. It’s an awesome way to reconnect with family, get away from technology, or just have a fun weekend with friends. In addition to the fun of camping though, here are some extra tips to keep it fun for everyone and avoid any mishaps.

Organize Fun Activities

Once you’re in the great outdoors, the first thing kids may say is, “so what now?” But there are many activities that everyone can enjoy on a camping trip. Hiking is one of the most popular, but you can also hunt, fish, swim, play sports– the possibilities are endless! Organize a ton of fun activities, and the kids will forget about technology in no time; they’ll be having to much fu

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According to the CDC, the Water in America’s Swimming Pools is Anything But Fine

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Soft, smooth, and silky pool water is a goal that every single pool owner strives to achieve, however, it you truly want to create a paradise is your own backyard you’ll need a lot more than silky pool water. A recently published report from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention revealed a number of startling facts and statistics that has left both pool goers and owners alike concerned with far more than just silky pool water.

While many people assume that swimming in a private or public swimming pool is both cleaner and safer than swimming in a natural body of water, such as the ocean, a lake, or a pond, swimming pool water is literally teeming with patho