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Six Tips for Finding a Bike You Love

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Bikes provide an incredible source of exercise, transportation, and an enriching hobby. Whether you want to get into the world of biking for intense sports (like triathlons), to have a healthy source of transportation, or to enjoy the great outdoors, finding the right model for your needs will make a difference in your enjoyment and comfort level. If you are planning to visit your local bike shop to invest in a good bicycle, we’ve put together a list of tips to ensure you find a model you love:

  1. Consider your goals for your new bike.
    Before shopping for a new bike, you should think of your physical condition and the type of cycling that you’re hoping to ge

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Easy ways to reduce water pollution

Reducing water pollution

Water covers 70 percent of the Earth’s surface, but unfortunately, much of it is not fit to drink. That leaves nearly 150 million people, about 2,5 percent of the Earth’s population, without access to clean water.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Though some people lack access to clean water due to their locations and a lack of infrastructure to get it to them, most could have clean water, if only we took better care of it. Here are some ways that people can help reduce water pollution.

One of the best ways to reduce water pollution is to not put anything down your drains that should

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Five of the Most Dedicated Soccer Countries in the World

International soccer teams

Soccer, known internationally as futbol, is the most popular sport in the world with 209 countries around the world participating in the Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA). In the United States there were 12,726,000 soccer participants as of 2013; figures estimate that there are over 240 million people who play soccer around the world combined. Here are some facts on some of the most serious soccer countries around the globe.

The beloved sport was first invented in medieval England at some point, although the game as we know it today has existed only since 1863 when modern rules for the code were established. England won its only World Cup in a historic and controversial match against West Germany in 1966.


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White Water Rafting Is an Adventure of a Lifetime

White water river rafting colorado

The group of eight former camp counselors had just turned 40 over the last several months and they were looking for a great way to celebrate this milestone. Although they went to college in several different states, the group considered the Rocky Mountains of Colorado their summer home when they were in college. Most of the group had worked together at least two different summers at the church camp near Hillside, Colorado. Days spent white water rafting on the Colorado River and hiking the mountains of the Sangre de Cristo Mountain Range made them physically fit and mentally connected. What better way to get back together as a group than to

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How to Get Your Kids Off the Couch

Helping kids

As a general rule of thumb, they say it takes roughly 30 days to make a habit and 90 days to break a habit. Establishing good, healthy habits for our children helps lead to a full, active life. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends a minimum of 60 minutes of exercise per day for children; yet only one in three children are physically active each day. Here are some tips to getting your kids off the couch and starting a more active lifestyle.

Why Many Children Are Inactive

Studies have found that children spend an average of over seven and a half hours per day sitting in front of a screen, whether it is a TV, videogame, or computer. Additionally, added sugars and solid fats contribute to 40% of the total daily calories for children between the ages of two and

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Family Hiking Trips Promote a Healthy Lifestyle?

Camping supplies

A family hiking trip may be the best gift you can give your family this year. Packing up the entire family and all of the camping and hiking gear for a long weekend away from the city can be just the relaxation that you all need. Instead of giving your spouse and children more electronic gadgets, why not surprise them with some new hiking gear and an invitation to spend time in the wilderness together.
Approximately 38.05 million people went hiking in the year 2014. Whether adventure clothing and camping supplies are strapped to their backs for a long backpack hike or whether they set up a campsite and take day hikes from there, these adventure seeking famil


Ways to Keep Bears Away from Your Campground

campgroundbearBears can be scary. The cubs are cute and most of like to see them when they are at the zoo but that is about as close as we like them to get. As we enjoy bears from a distance, we also like to go camping and know that our campgrounds attract all kinds of animals. Bears can smell foods from a mile away. Their sense of smell is estimated to be more than seven times stronger than that of dogs! Luckily there are ways to keep them away. We can purchase cooler accessories to keep them out, for example.

Ways to keep bears away from your campground. 

  • Be careful about where you store your food. If your campground offers it, place your food in metal food locker. If you can keep your food in a cabin, that is a great option as well. If neither of these options are possible, make sure you have cooler accessories that make it bear proof. A container is classified as being “bear proof” if it has sustained contact with one of the animals for 60 minutes or more without being breached. Do not keep any food within 100 yards of where you plan to sleep.
  • Be careful when you handle your food. Being careful about your food means you have to be careful when you cook it and eat it. Just as you keep your food 100 yards from where you sleep, do not cook less than 100 yards from where you sleep. Change your clothes after you cook and eat. Keep those clothes away from your sleeping spot. Do not bring any food into your tend and make sure there is nothing in anyone;s backpack. Bears love to forage through tents and backpacks. Anything with a strong scent, think candies or candles, can attract wildlife.
  • Leave the bacon at home! Strong smelling foods like bacon can attract wildlife. If the smell of the food cooking makes you take notice, it is doing the same thing for bears and other animals.
  • Mind your trash! Just as the food you are going to eat will attract animals, so will the food you throw away. Just as you can get cooler accessories to keep animals out, you can make trash containers unaccessible to local wildlife. Remember, too, to leave the campground at least as clean as you found it.

When looking at keeping animals away from your campground, consider some of your activities. If you are planning to go hunting to go hunting or fishing, the bait you use to catch fish, the fish or game that you get, will also attract animals so you need to find a way to store that. If you cannot secure it the way you secure your food, consider a bear hang. Hang a rope between two trees and hang a sealed pack with what you want to protect from it. This should be at least 12 feet above the ground.

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How Do You Choose the Best Pool Builders?

Swimming pool builder in houston

Have you started to look for the best pool builders to build your dream backyard pool? Tackling a job as big as pool installation is simple, so long as you have a plan. Appoint yourself the leader of a team of experts and you are well on your way! Or, to put it another way, follow the guidelines below to minimize the likelihood of future headaches.

First, draw up your pool design! No, actually; daydreaming is the pre-step. The first real step in the Continue reading “How Do You Choose the Best Pool Builders?”

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Want To Build Your Own MMA Gym? Invest in Cheap MMA Equipment Online

Buy mma gear online

In 2013, at least 6.3 million Americans participated in cardio kickboxing, while another 18 million participated in some form of martial arts. And increasingly, both in the gym and in front of the TV, Americans are fascinated with Mixed Martial Arts. This up-and-coming sport combines the discipline of martial arts with the ferocity of full-contact sports like rugby and football.

While some people start practicing MMA to get the most out of their workouts or learn self defense, just as many are interested in competing. No matter which category you fall into, you can get the most out of your workout by investing in your own cheap MMA equipment. Thanks to discount MMA online stores, you can find high-quality gear at wholesale prices. And that means you can turn your garage, spare room, or home gym into

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Barbie’s Dream Pool’s Got Nothing on Yours

In ground pools

While the most popular sports activity in the US is walking, and the second is exercising with weights and other exercise equipment, swimming ranks a close third. In the United States, there are almost 10.5 million residential pools and more than 300,000 public swimming pools, because 36% of children and 15% of adults swim at least six times a year. That?s because American?s love to swim!

Are you giving your pool the care it needs?

Even with superior workmanship at the installation stage, your pool?s life can easily be cut in half without proper maintenance, and with just a little bi